Sunday, February 26, 2006


Here are the coloured images i did for the project on orphans, including an establishing shot of the kids and the city. I'm also adding the colour keys.


Tim Heitz said...

Yo Kendelle~
I don't think i told you, i dig this. it's got a really nice mood to it---kind of the lost boys in peter pan meets 1900s italy. sweeeeeeeeeeet!


drawingnikki said...

yay its kendelle! Love your drawings.

Peter Gikandi said...

Ok, is it just me, or does the boy with his hands in his pockets look like Scott? hehe

Sasha Volynets said...

Hey Kendelle,
I really like these! I can really feel what each orphan is like just by looking at them =).
Also, I'm linking you in my blog.

Philip Dimitriadis said...

Once again..... really impressive. Nice designs and mood. The orphans are really need to copyright them!!!!!!
You will be in the industry soon at this pace, look forward to watching you grow into a huge talent.
Awesome work!!!

Jack Bunny said...

Hi there,

I just stumbled over your blog, and love your work. I'm a playwright and novelist. How would you feel about adding sketches to a book?


Safa Tharib said...

I really like your work. I think im gonna have to Link you

srydruhedtjfd said...


Hilary said...

Fantastic work Kendelle. would you be interested in doing some book covers for me? I'm an art director at HarperCollins Children's books. Please contact me.